About Us

Flying Storks is a family-owned and locally-operated Lawn sign birth announcement rental service in Frederick and Poolesville, Maryland. We first fell in love with these beautiful stork signs when my son was born. What a surprise for us when we returned home from the hospital. We were truly touched.

We wanted to be a part of creating such joyful lasting memory for other families. We pride ourselves on making each new baby’s bundle as unique and personal as possible. After all, this is something that the family will cherish forever!

Each Flying Stork delivery includes the baby’s first and middle name, weight, length, and date of birth on the bundle for you to keep.
The cost of our stork lawn sign rentals is similar to the cost of sending flowers, but our storks are unique, exciting and the impact lasts forever.

To book your stork or a flamingo. call us (301) 606-3091 or email at FlyingStorks@gmail.com or send us a message here